Life’s Journey ~ Day 4 & 5 ~ April 4 & 5, 2009

Yesterday started out pretty good.  I was not hungry AT ALL when I woke up.  I drank my Mona-Vie and then stayed with water for the rest of the day.  Wes and I moved some stuff around (more physicalwork than I do in week!!)

I am finding out that the mornings are fairly easy as I am not usually hungry then.  It is between 3-5 that my hunger pains have started this weekend.   What I am learning the most is how much of our lives revolve around food.  At work it seems that the whole morning is spent figuring out where to go or what to have for lunch.  There are candy dishes and snack stuff EVERYWHERE!!  And as I mentioned Friday, stress really causes you to seek out comfort food.  Then to top things off, being in a Methodist church, there is food all the time everywhere you turn!

Another thing I am learning is how to refocus on God.  I have been doing a lot of praying.  And the enemy has been doing a lot of attacking!!  He is throwing temptation at me with every breath it seems.  But I have found away to slow down time!!!!  Time surely does drag when you can’t eat!  As day 5 SLOWLY draws to a close, I realize that I have a huge task still ahead of me.  25 more days to go! 

I’d like to issue a request. Maybe a challenge even.  Start taking the time to look at the nutrition in the foods you currently eat.  Check out the protein content as well as the fat, sugar/carbs, and calorie content.  Start looking for the healthiest (and let’s say mildly inexpensive) meals you can find…and share them with me.  I have 25 days to spend on creating a new lifestyle.  I am looking for high quality, affordable meals that are not too time consuming or difficult to make.  We enjoy fish, especially salmon, and will be cooking more chicken.  A few red meat choices are ok, but we have to be careful about the quantity.  The more veggies the better!!!  Our current favorite is grilled zucchini.

Once again, please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  It’s always good to know that people are reading and what they think about what they are reading.  Feel free to send this site to anyone who you think might like it!

Thanks for coming and God bless! 

~ Jena ~


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