Life’s Journey Days 7-13

Ok, ok!  So I’ve slacked on the journal!  But I haven’t slacked on the fast.  13 days and still going strong.  The remainder of last week went fairly well.  No major issues, no problems or hard struggles.  I say that now, but I know that while I was going through some of the days, I thought I would just cry, well, I DID cry!   It is a really hard struggle to just not eat.  I miss food terribly and with all the food around me, I half defeated myself coming up with of a ton of reasons why I should eat.  And YESTERDAY!!!!  Let me just say that I spent the day outside while we were at my in-laws.  There was just too much food there.  Basically holidays consist of eating until it’s time to eat!

All in all, the going has been a struggle but not impossible.  I have stood in my kitchen and cried on my husband’s shoulder because I just wanted something…anything…and yet I didn’t want to quit.  I have prayed (am praying) daily to make it through.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll make it all 30 days, but I can tell you I am going to go as long as possible to finish what I started.  That’s what this is really about, finding the person inside of me who is not afraid.  Who will make a commitment and stick to it.  Who is ready to give whatever necessary for God.

I will try to stay on top of this journal more, but now I need to email my mom and sister as I didn’t get in touch with them for Easter and I want to say Hi before I go to bed.

Thanks for stopping by, God Bless!

~ Jena ~



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4 responses to “Life’s Journey Days 7-13

  1. Jena,

    Congratulations. I hope that you have made it through Day 14. I remember two years ago, I did a 10 day juice fast. Every day I would watch Rachel Ray’s food show and dream about all of the great foods I would have when my fast was done!

    You haven’t talked much about the cleansing process. What have you been doing to overcome the cleansing crises?

    I believe that it is really difficult to do the water and juice fast when you are working and physically active. Isn’t the whole idea to rest your body and focus all of your energies on the cleansing process?

    I’m going to begin an extended “raw food” diet starting tomorrow. I’ll watch out for more of your posts and wish you the best of luck in your goal.

    • Gary,

      Thank you for coming by! I did make it through day 14 (will journal that soon) and am now beginning day 15 which marks my halfway mark!

      I haven’t had too many problems with the ‘cleansing process’ because I have been drinking mass amounts of water. My husband did a lot of research on a fast this length and everything said to increase water to a minimum of twice your body weight in ounces (i.e. 150 lb person should drink a minimum of 300 oz of water daily). This allows your body a way to dispose of the toxins without making you sick because they are sitting in your system.

      Being on a juice in water fast does not allow for major physical activity. I am only doing very light excercise just to get in the habit of excercising for when the fast is over. But most of the resting is for your digestive system which uses a major amount energy, so while fasting your body can redirect that energy to the rest of the body. My work consist of sitting at a computer so there isn’t much activity there. 😦

      Come back and let me know how your raw food diet goes and what that fully entails. I am always looking for good ideas to change my eating lifestyle and add healthier stuff to our routine!

      Thanks again for coming by and sharing your comments!!

  2. Jena,

    I was inspired by your journey and last night I established a blog to document my new journey.
    I guess it doesn’t matter if anyone reads it, but just putting it out there reinforces the commitment I have made to change my life. Thanks for the inspiration. I think that if you can make a positive impact on someone’s life (as you have with your blog), then you are a success! Congratulations. I hope that my writing (off of your inspiration) will help many others overcome their demons.

    • Congratulations Gary!! I’ll be sure to come by and check on your journey and offer any support I can! If it is ok with you, I’ll put a link to your blog on my site for others to see. It’s nice to know that I was an inspiration for you. Thank you for telling me that!

      You are absolutely right! If I can only help one person then all my struggles and strife will have been worth it. The demons’ whole purpose is to throw as much noise at us as possible to keep us from our path!! If we can join forces and battle them together than who knows what we are capable of!

      Stay strong and don’t forget to reach out for support when you feel you might not make it! That is what we are meant for, to be a community, a family.

      Take care!!

      PS: I have a product that I have been using for 6 months that might interest you on your raw diet. If you want more information, send me an email!!

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