Life’s Journey ~ Day 14

Day 14 went by pretty uneventfully, no major changes or epiphanies.  Just a lot of thinking…oh..yeah and one big mistake.

I’ve been feeling a little weak so I’ve added chicken broth to my routine.  Well last night I thought I’d be smart and add an egg to my soup for a little more protein…BIG MISTAKE!!  But I got through it ok and I am back to just liquids for a while.   I don’t need anymore episodes like that!!  :0)

Satruday night we had a great service at our church and one of the things they offered to us was a station where we could write on a rock the thing we wanted Jesus to take from us the most and then put the rock in water and wash it away just like Jesus does for us.  Well, I’m not ashamed to say that the thing I wanted Jesus to take out of my way the most was myself.  I do more damage to myself than any outside influence.  This fast has helped me see that.  I keep trying to make excuses as to why I should just give up.  Stupid excuses.  If it were not for my husband I think I would have caved a while ago.  On that note, let me just say that should you be considering, even a little, doing a fast like this…don’t do it if you do not have someone close by that will support you fully on this journey.  Yes, the main purpose for me is to get closer to God.  But along the way, the world tries to get back in and if you don’t have a support person in place, it will be so much harder.

I am still waiting for more connection with God and as each day goes by, I feel I am getting closer to that.  I find myself asking what is it that God truly wants from me.  How can I use the gifts that He has given me to better build His kingdom?  How can I be sure that the gifts I think I have are the gifts He wants me to focus on?  These are the questions I’m hoping to be closer to an answer to by the end of the month.

So as I begin day 15 and close the first half of my fast, I am looking forward to the second half and what God will reveal to me.  I am looking forward to spending time with my husband as we move forward together in our lifestyle changes and get healthier for our next 20 years together (and as many more as we can be graced with).  I am looking forward to sharing Mona-Vie with whomever will listen so that we can share this great juice with the hopes that so many others will be blessed with the health that it has given us.  I am looking forward to more time with friends and family and building new friendships along the way.  I am looking forward to every day that God gives me and hope that I honor Him in it.

Thank you for stopping by!  God Bless!



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