Life’s Journey ~ Days 16-19

When I close my eyes and go back over the last 19 days of my life, what I see just amazes me.  I have become even more determined to complete this task because I don’t want to let myself down.  I have invoited many people to walk beside me as support on this path because I knew I would need the accountablility of knowing I wasn’t alone.  Knowing that others are watching truly helps me stay focused for the most part.

During this time, I have found myself more and more trying to figure out just what it is that God wants me to do still don’t have that figured out yet, but I am noticing more and more the things that I like to do that seem to be calling to me.  I have realized that I truly like to teach people, it doesn’t matter what it is, if I know how to do something and someone else needs to know it I just seem to thrive on being able to show them.

Much to my heartache, I’ve also realized that because of my past way of life and the bad decisions I have made along the way, that some people don’t have faith in me or my ideas, especially the people closest to me.  But I have finally decided that I am no longer going to let their lack of faith in me dictate the steps I need to take to change my life.  It is going to change and they can come along for the ride, try to catch up later or just be left behind.  I have been given this great gift that I believe is from God and all I want to do is share it with others.  It’s 100% natural, pure nutrition and has been what has really been sustaining me through this fast.  It has allowed my husband who was suffering horribly in pain from an auto accident to be pain free, sleep through the night and start working out again.  No it is not ‘cheap’ if you only look at the cost, but the benefits (both physically & financially) FAR outweigh that.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I am talking about Mona-Vie.  If you want to know anymore about it let me know, but since this is my fasting post, I wan’t say anything more about it here.  I only brought it up because it has such a significant place in the fast and in the struggles that I am trying to over come by doing the fast.

Days 16-19 were not really anything extraordinary.  Just the same battles to get through all the food that humans (especially Americans) indulge in.  We eat for social reasons, not just for hunger.  Any event or get together usually has food at it’s center, maybe not the main reason but a big one!! The snacking urges, the need of ‘comfort’ food and the need to jut ‘be busy’ all contribute to our food intake.

Now, unlike my friend who is on quest to quit drinking alcohol, food is necessary for survival, but not in the quantities or frequencies that we indulge in.  I have not eaten solid food for 19 days and I am still alive and kicking (ableit not kicking hard).  I’ve heard it said recently that you can live 30 days on water alone, 3 days without water but not 15 minutes without hope. (I paraphrased that so don’t quote it)  In order to get out of bed each day, we need hope that we are going to make it through it.  In order to get married, we need hope that it will last.  In order to believe in Jesus, we need hope that all we’ve read and heard is true.  In order to love, we need hope that it will be returned.  In order to fast, we need hope that we will make it through and that we will find what we are looking for in the fast. 

Now, as I embarked on the last 11 days, I pray that continue to seek God and all His plans for me.  I pray that I will no longer be afraid to face my demons and move forward with my life.  I pray that all you and your loved ones stay safe and sound and that you will be given the gift of appreciation for all that you have.

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3 responses to “Life’s Journey ~ Days 16-19

  1. Katie

    Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  2. bob

    I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

  3. mrred

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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