With the best of intentions…

You ever that idea? You know? THAT idea? The one that you know is just going to change your entire life! Whether something simple like keeping the bathroom counter clean or as big as starting a blog that you hope will bring some sunshine and happiness into someone’s life because you are so blessed that you just have to share it!! And then…the world happens. Life happens. Just ‘being’…happens and the next thing you know, your great idea has fallen asleep in the dark closet or drawer in that room we put all those ideas “we’ll get to…one day…no really, we will”.

That is what happened to THIS blog! But inevitably, it finds a way to remind that it is still here, waiting patiently for me to ‘come home’ and share my heart with it. It reminds me of how God waits for me. He never gets angry when I lose my way or don’t come when I say I will. He knows that I will be back. Because I need Him. And I need this blog. It gives me a place to release my thoughts, concerns, frustrations, joys, fears and any other emotional outburst I may have!

Yesterday I began a health challenge that I KNOW is going to change my life. I have decided to make the effort to challenge myself mentally and emotionally as well by coming back here and working through the good and the bad of what the health challenge might bring. I may be doing it here all by myself as I know I haven’t really posted here in a long time but that’s ok. Any guests that may show up along the way will just be an extra BONUS to me!!

So, if you’re there reading these words right now, thank you. Thank you for taking precious time from your life to be part of mine. I hope I will see more of you and that if we don’t know each other, maybe we’ll get to be great friends. Or maybe we may never be introduced but something you get here helps you or a friend and that would be amazing too!

May God protect you who need protection, comfort you who are struggling, Love you who think you’re alone and bless you in ways you can begin to imagine.
Take care and thanks again for stopping by!


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