Can it be this Simple?

Can it be this simple?
Can I be forgiven so easily?
What do You see inside,
that You have such faith in me?
How can You love me so,
When I do not love myself?
How is it that You trust me
to take this treasure off the shelf?
To put Jesus in my hands
to love and share His grace.
To take away all my sins
and pour Your light upon my face.
With Your love so solid
I cannot turn away.
So I turn my life over
and start a brand new day.
I vow from this day forward
to walk with You hand in hand.
And lead as many others
into Your promised land.
One final thing I ask
Please take away this fear.
Help me to stay focused
So I’ll always keep You near.
I’ll accept this gift You’re giving
for SURELY You know best.
I’ll do this work You’ve asked
until You call me home to rest.


One response to “Can it be this Simple?

  1. justmyself

    You did such a great job! Well, you always do! Have a happy July 4th everyone!!

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