Let me tell you about this wonderful place that I have been blessed to have found and be able to work with. I will give you some information directly from their website and I will have some links to them as well. 

I found out about Freedom Ride through a close friend.  Freedom Ride is a stable that works with disabled people.  They rely on volunteers to help with maintenance of the horses and the property as well as helping with the riders that come in.  Today was my third day volunteering and it was a rush!!  A new rider came in for an evaluation, this is how they find out what type if equipment, horse and other special needs the rider will require to make their time as productive, safe & fun as possible. 

Here is a flyer for the stables: what_is_freedom_ride_20071.pdf

They rely on donations of supplies and money to help keep things running.  Right now they are trying to change their stalls from shavings to dry stalls.  The difference is that shavings are wood and have to be replaced quite a bit and the dry stall is similar to scoop-able kitty litter.  While the dry stall is expensive to start out with initially, costing approx. $25/bag and taking 14-15 bags to fill a stall, once the stall is established it has minimal upkeep needed with very little needing to be added on a regular basis.  The supplier has offered to match any donations for the dry stall (ie. if we raise enough money to cover 3 stalls, he’ll donate 3 more stalls worth).  So that is a goal I am going to work on. 

Another way some companies are helping is by sponsering a specific horse.  It costs about $3000/month PER HORSE and there are actually some horses that have corporate sponsors.  I think that is AWESOME!  Here is a link for more information on DONATIONS.

 THE LIPPIZANER STALLIONS ARE COMING!!!  The weekend after Thanksgiving, these magnificient creatures will be putting on a fundraiser show at the Freedom Ride stables.  I keep threatening to park my motorhome on the property and just stay there until the stallions are gone!!

Ok, that is all I can think about right now.  Please check out their website, ask me any questions and just see what they are about.  I believe you will be as amazed as I am!  God bless these people and what they are doing for others!!


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