Here are just a few guidelines that need to be followed for the best interests of all who visit.

1) Be polite! There will be no cursing or vulgarity allowed here.  It is not needed nor appropriate to get or give support.

2) Annonymity is ok, you are not required to give your real name here.  God knows who you are and what you need.

3) While I am a Christian and proud to say that, this site is for anyone who needs support, not just Christians. Therefore, it is not to be used as a debate site on the existence of Jesus Christ.  It is to be used as a place to share the love He taught us to anyone who needs it.

4) That’s really all there is for now, as we grow (assuming we will) we will add any new guidelines if they are deemed necessary.  So let’s just have fun, learn and grow together!


One response to “Guidelines

  1. Jena-

    These past two years I have watched you grow in wonderful ways as you’ve navigated trials and troubles with a great deal of faith and gracefulness. You are an inspiration to me! I always knew you’d find a vehicle for sharing your gift of poetry with the world! I love your website and the inspiration it is already bringing to so many! May the Lord continue to richly bless your meandering journey with Him! And isn’t it true how God uses the detours and side-trips of our lives to do some of His best work?

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