Joys & Concerns

Here is where I welcome you to share your requests for prayer over concerns in your life or your praise of thanks for the joys you have been blessed with.  You can post them as a comment or email them to us and we will post them for you.

I will start by sharing my joy over being blessed to start this site to offer comfort and support to others.  I would also ask for your prayers for my husband and son’s continues healing from an auto accident they were involved in.

Now, it’s your turn!


19 responses to “Joys & Concerns

  1. justmyself

    I am very happy that I get to go home to be with my family in July. Please pray for me I leave July 5th.

    Also, pray for my mom and dad they are they reason I have to go home. Dad is dying from cancer and my mom is also sick.

    I am also thankful for Jena for getting out there and starting something she has needed and wanted to do! Love ya!!!

  2. heistheking

    Justmyself: my prayers are with you as you walk through this with your Mom and Dad. As you probably know from Jena, we lost our Dad to cancer at a young age (49) and the 5 months he was ill up until his death were beyond heart wrenching. I pray that you have a safe trip and that God will give you the strength and comfort you need while you are with your parents.

    I would like to ask for prayer in an area I have struggled with my whole life. One of the areas in the title of this page. Joy. Sounds weird, I know. But it is such a hard thing for me that I deeply want to overcome. I know that it stems from growing up in that type of environment-where the first (and sometimes only) response was negative or critical. Not necessarily to or about me, but about life in general. I know with my MIND that I am responsible for my own actions and cannot blame my relatives. But in my heart it has been a lifelong struggle to get out from under that pattern. A devotional I get each day for parents and families of special needs children dealt with this subject – the joy of the Lord is our strength. That joy produces strength, which produces delight, which produces vitality.

    So this is the prayer I have. That I would have an attitude and spirit of joy. Not one of complaining, grumbling or being critical of others. Yes, being joyful would make life easier for me and those around me but I ask for that prayer for more than my own selfish desires. I want with all my heart to have an attitude of joy, strength, delight and vitality so that I bring glory to God and point others toward Christ.

  3. hey sis…in case you haven’t checked it out yet…go to this thread and listen to the sermon our pastor gave on just this subject…joy.
    Gary’s Sermon
    I have struggled with joy vs happiness for a long time…he really helped me get it. His book is an awesome testimony of ‘getting it’…you just ‘getting a life’. I’ll send it to you when we are done with it…k?
    justmyself, you know my prayers are with you and always are! Hang in there and you know how to reach me if you just need to vent!

  4. justmyself

    heistheking….I will be praying for you. I know that it is really hard to be joyful even more so when there is so much going on in our lives! Sending all my love to you today and each day!

    Jena, love ya dear!!!!

    I also am asking for prayer for my job, last night was very trying for me, I had to say something to a 25 year old for not wanting to do his job and he went off cursing right in front of guest and a new employee. I had to call my manager about it. I really want to know what the Lords will is for me here or if it’s time to move on.

    Love to you all!!

  5. justmyself

    I leave tomorrow the 5th at 10pm to go home. Please pray for peace for us all and for me to get everything done that needs to be done. And to have time to relax and get my thoughts together! Love you all!!!!

  6. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. You know how to reach me if you need to.

  7. Jena, I am thankful you are my friend. I am trying to get used to your new blog design. It’s throwing me off. LOL!

    I tagged you. If you want to participate in the meme, the rules are on my blog. 🙂 If you don’t want to participate I promise my cyber feelings won’t be hurt.

  8. Hey. thanks, i’ll try to get over there soon! ((hugs)))

  9. No hurry; hugs to you too! 😛

  10. Winnie

    Love ya dear!!!!

  11. Winnie

    Just ckecking in woth you! I hope all is well! Take care and have a good nite!!!! {HUGS}

  12. Winnie

    opps I meant with you!

  13. Winnie

    Haven’t heard from you dear! What’s up? Come visit me at
    I think that’s right! Anyway go to gr8tful@wordpress!!!!!

  14. I hope you had a GREAT Mom’s Day!! HUGS to you!!

  15. Wow! I think it is great that you leave a place for people to post the concerns that they would like you to pray for. What a great service you are doing.


  16. 9/22/08

    My joys for today are that I still have my husband, I have great friends around and a great job. I feel the need to write again and I feel (hear) the words flowing!! Now if I could just get them to slow down enough to be able to write them down!!

    My concerns are for my son who is still struggling to find is place in the world. For my friends who are going to Belfast, Ireland to help a church on the peace line there and for all those who are hurting or worried or stressed or scared.

    I thank God for my blessings and pray the He watches over those who need him today.

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  18. I am thankful for friends like you!!

    Hey, I need your addy for secret santa!! HUGS!!!!

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