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Flu in Mexico

Hello everyone!! I assume you have heard about the flu deaths in Mexico. Well, please read this Post that a friend wrote to get some good information about it.

Let’s take this as seriously as we can, who knows what could happen. Let’s also pray for the people in Mexico who are being affected by this.


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A time for Good-Byes


My cousin passed away last night.  I have not seen or spoken to him in years, yet he was my favorite cousin as I was growing up, even though we lived so far apart.  I remember so much about him and yet know so little about his life.  And now, of course, I will never be able to talk to him again, to “make up for lost time” if you will, as all time with him is now lost.

          My aunt, his mother and my mom’s sister, is not going to bear this well I’m afraid, which is obvious and to be expected with the loss of a child.  However, she has now lost two children and I hurt for her so bad.  I cannot wrap my mind around the thought of losing my child.  I cannot even begin to comprehend that pain.

          My heart feels like it is going to collapse in on itself with regret.  Regret that could have been avoided.  My past is fading quicker than I’d imagined it would.  I have not seen anyone from my mom’s side of the family since my father passed away in 1991.  I’ve talked to them a few times but not enough.  It shames me to say that I did not make my family a priority in my life for many years.  Now I deal with the fact that I have wasted so many years that cannot be replaced. 

          I understand that I can’t go back and change anything now.  But now I struggle with an incapacitation, a lack of ability to see what I am supposed to do now.  How do I attempt to console an aunt I haven’t spoken to in so long?  How do I make sense of all the thoughts and words tumbling through my mind and yet deal with an apparent lack of words to speak at all.  How do I use my gift of words when my gift seems to have failed me?

          Time moves too quickly, with no promises or guarantees.  Please, don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made.  Reach out to family and friends that are important to you.  The ones who will leave you with regret if you lose them before you get a chance to rebuild the fallen bridges.  Make the most of this precious gift of today, for you just don’t know when your chance will be gone.

          Stephen, I love you, and I am sorry I left you behind. I will miss you as I’ve done a lot but failed to take the time to tell you.  I pray that you are at peace where you are and that someday I may see you again.  Good-bye, my favorite cousin.


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