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Flu in Mexico

Hello everyone!! I assume you have heard about the flu deaths in Mexico. Well, please read this Post that a friend wrote to get some good information about it.

Let’s take this as seriously as we can, who knows what could happen. Let’s also pray for the people in Mexico who are being affected by this.


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After 40 years, I’d say it is time for a change…

Well, my 40th birthday just passed.  As I look at my reflection, I realize that I am not who I wanted to be at 40.  Well, I guess that’s not really true as I don’t think I really ever WANTED to be anything when I was younger.  I was content to just slide unnoticed through life with as little difficulty as possible.  My self-centeredness has left it’s mark on many people in my life, scars that are hard to heal, well they are without God.

The problem is, we are not God, we are only made in His image therefore, forgiveness and unconditional love are not as readily available, either to us or from us (including forgiving ourselves).  We think we are making great strides on out path toward Jesus but that is our problem.  We keep seeing it as a path TOWARD Jesus not a path WITH Jesus.  This makes it easier to excuse our mistakes, set-backs, back slides or whatever you want to call it.  I won’t call it failure because that only happens when we give up completely, not when we lose ourselves in the way of the world.

I sit here, disgusted with my appearance, unhappy with my home, worried about my children & my husband and stressed about so many other things.  Then I re-read that sentence and think, I have no physical handicaps, at least I HAVE a home, my children are great kids and (Thank God) healthy, my husband is none other than a hand picked gift from God and I sound like a whiny kid.  And I realize that I have lost touch with God.  I have lost touch with all the blessings that are given to me daily.  I am taking for granted every second I am given.

After much thought and discussion with my husband, I have decided to do a 30-day juice/water fast.  There are four main reasons for this fast:

1) To get closer to God!!  I truly believe you cannot survive a fast like this without God’s help.

2) To do a complete detoxification of my body.

3) To break my bad eating habits

4) To learn better habits to stay healthy.

So, on April 1st, my fast begins.  Since April has 30 days I felt it was the perfect time to start and I’m guessing Easter will be even more meaningful to me this year!!  I am going to come here and journal about each day’s progress.  I will use this as a way to stay accountable to myself.  I am also hoping to get some prayer warriors on my side.  So feel free to hang out and check my progress, offer advice or suggestions, and just talk!!  I will welcome any and all support I can get!

So, until Wednesday April 1st, have a great week (& weekend) and thank you for coming!!
God Bless! ~ Jena

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