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Try something new…

Are you up for a challenge? No? Maybe? Aww come on…you can do better than that! Are you ready for a challenge? Good, here you go:

Try the following over the weekend and let me know what happens.

Every person that you come in direct contact with…EVERY person, family, friend, stranger…everyone…find one thing nice or encouraging to say to that person. It will be harder to do for family than strangers I think you’ll find. But even if it’s as simple as smiling ( a real geniune smile, there has to be at least one thing in your life that you’re happy about, like say the fact that you’re alive and able to read this post) and saying “Have a great (day, evening, weekend).” You will be surprised at the reactions you get. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. But you might not ever know what the outcome is because it could come later.

Don’t be a passing shadow in your own life. Be a lighthouse! For yourself and for others. Your light could show a stranger that there is hope. You could keep that one person from becoming a serial killer because your smile could crack that wall around them. People need to know that there is actual life on this planet and that someone actually sees them. Just them…not wanting anything more than to acknowledge their presence.

Make the decision to be positive…just for the weekend…and then see how much longer you can keep it up. Kindness can do so many great things. Check it out and see. Then come back and share!!

Have a great weekend! God Bless!


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Life’s Journey ~ Day 3 ~ April 3, 2009

Yesterday was a very tough day!!  I was hungrier than I have been in a long time when I woke up.  Then proceeded to lose control of my car in the rain and but by the grace of God, did not hit anyone, only the mediun and did minor damage to the car (we think).  So I spent the rest of the day pretty shook up and wanting all sorts of comfort food.  My favorite being Popeye’s mashed potatoes and gravy!!  But, alas, it was not to be. 

The demons were playing havoc with my too.  Every excuse I could think of (or they could think of) was circling around in my head.  Including the wedding of some dear friends!!  But I refused to give in.  I did have two little bites of watermelon because I am doing juice & water.  My poor husband had to listen to me dealing with all this.  But all in all I am feeling pretty good about myself and staying on track.  I could see the enemy for what he was and managed to overcome him.  I definitely had to turn to God to do it, but I am so thankful to have Him to turn to.

My husband is truly a God send at this time.  He is very supportive of my task and even tries not to eat around me.  My close friends are also really helping me by offering support and prayers.  I truly feel this will not only bring me closer to God, but allow me to build stronger relationships with my friends and family.

As always, thank you for stopping by, please come back anytime.  God bless!


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Taking it all in.

On this day, I look around and consider myself truly blessed. I have friends around me who, even though I let them down, did not give up on me. I gave into my demons, listening to the noise they were throwing at me, reminding me that I was not worthy of friends such as I have found. Telling me how wrong of me it was to deceive these people into thinking I was like them. I had no business surrounding myself with such people.

It took a slap in the face (not literally) by my husband to make me look at what I was doing. His words were simple. “I’m used to you hurting me, but how can hurt all these other people who love you?” Wait! What do you mean, I’m hurting someone else? That’s not possible because I am nobody. I figured my absence would pass unnoticed. I was wrong. I turned away from people that God had given to me as friends. But that is what I always do when things start going well. The demons step up their attack and remind that I am not worthy of the good things coming my way. And I give in and give up. I can’t take the noise. I am weak.

But then I am made aware that I am not alone, no matter how hard I try to be. As I told a couple of friends who are so precious to me, “Surely God would not bring these great people into my life and then allow me to continue in the darkness I have lived with for so long.”

So, out of the darkness I step. Shading my eyes because of the brightness of the light shining over me, wondering, still, how I could possibly be worthy of such joy and love but no longer refusing to accept it. No longer will I question God and His reasons for doing what He does. I am not naive enough (any longer) to expect this road that I am taking to be smooth and easy. I harbor no ideas of instant gratification. I know that I am facing a hard fight against demons that have lived comfortably within me for almost 40 years, I have no illusions that they will go quietly. But I know now that God has given me angels to help me along the way. Angels disguised as the women I worship with. Too many to name, I can only pray that I am able to show you my appreciation for your light and love. Don’t get me wrong, there are many guys who are walking this path with me as well, especially helpful in the way they support my husband as faced the brunt of the demons attacks on me. These people are the beacons of light in the darkest nights I face, continually drawing me to my salvation.

So on this day, right here in written word, I challenge my demons to bring their best because I know that it doesn’t begin to touch God’s least. I am ready. In the words of Natalie Grant; “I will stumble, I will fall down, but I will not be moved!”

Thank you to everyone who didn’t give up on me, you know who you are. I will do my best to not fall for my demons again.

Have a blessed day and may God watch over all of yiou!

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New Daily Prayer

Dear Lord ~

Please watch over those I love, and those I don’t. ~

Help me to be who I need to be to reach others for You. ~

Help me to hear You through the noise that is this life. ~

Allow me to see others as You see them, as Your children, not strangers. ~

Protect those who risk their lives protecting us…
…our soldiers, firefighters, police officers. ~

Watch over those whose job allows them the ability to save others…
…to help others…to teach others.

Especially be with those who feel they need you the least. ~

Forgive me my sins of commission & omission, thought, word & deed. ~

And please let me be able to share Your light in even the tiniest way with someone else today. ~

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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