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Try something new…

Are you up for a challenge? No? Maybe? Aww come on…you can do better than that! Are you ready for a challenge? Good, here you go:

Try the following over the weekend and let me know what happens.

Every person that you come in direct contact with…EVERY person, family, friend, stranger…everyone…find one thing nice or encouraging to say to that person. It will be harder to do for family than strangers I think you’ll find. But even if it’s as simple as smiling ( a real geniune smile, there has to be at least one thing in your life that you’re happy about, like say the fact that you’re alive and able to read this post) and saying “Have a great (day, evening, weekend).” You will be surprised at the reactions you get. Some good, some bad, some indifferent. But you might not ever know what the outcome is because it could come later.

Don’t be a passing shadow in your own life. Be a lighthouse! For yourself and for others. Your light could show a stranger that there is hope. You could keep that one person from becoming a serial killer because your smile could crack that wall around them. People need to know that there is actual life on this planet and that someone actually sees them. Just them…not wanting anything more than to acknowledge their presence.

Make the decision to be positive…just for the weekend…and then see how much longer you can keep it up. Kindness can do so many great things. Check it out and see. Then come back and share!!

Have a great weekend! God Bless!


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No matter how hard you try…

…you can’t keep change from happening.

We just found out that our pastor is leaving our church next month.  I wish I could put into words how hard this is to grasp.  Most of us had the same initial reaction, I think a friend put it best when she said, “I am selfishly disappointed”.   We have so many concerns that I just don’t have time to go over here but we are coming together with the decision that together we will get through this as long as we keep God as our focus.  I am struggling with asking God to let me see what His plans are for me during this time as I remind myself to not be judgemental and harsh as the church politics begin.

I explained to a few people that my biggest concern over this change is losing pur pastor and his family as our friends.  As I am sure you are aware that even the best of intentions and the best laid plans have a way of being lost once you lose regular contact with a friend.  We lost contact with some very special friends when we stopped atteneding the main campus of our church to plant the new campus even though we ‘committed’ to keeping in touch.  Thanks to Facebook, I am in process of getting back in touch with some of them, but life is still happening and honestly it is still getting in the way.  I wrote a poem on this subject a while back called ‘If Only for One Season’ that helps remind me that we never know how long we have with the friends and family around us and that we should work to make each day special in some little way.

The days they come and go just like the tide.  And, also like the tide, you never know what they might bring.  I am grateful that God has graced me with the ability to be flexible and to roll with most anything that comes my way.  And knowing that I am truly blessed on this day, I want to share that with anyone I can.  Someone we know of says, “If you are going to be blessed, you must be a blessing” (Dallin Larsen) and we truly believe that.  God doesn’t bless us just for ourselves, we are supposed to pass it on.

So today I pass this on to you:

Dear Heavenly Father ~ I want to thank You for all the blessings You have given my family and me.  I can see clearly Your hand in all that is working for us and feel Your strength on the harder days.  I ask that You allow the person reading this now to know You and to feel Your presence in his or her life.  Please protect them from the enemy’s attacks as You guide them on the path You have chosen for them.  For we know that when we are doing Your work and following Your will that is when the enemy attacks are the fiercest.  Help us all to be able to see Your work in our lives and to be able to see the people You put in front of us that You want us to reach out to.  Father, again I thank You for all the blessings in my life and the friends You have given me and I pray that You will protect them and their families throughout this new year.  ~ In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen!


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Self-forgiveness is possible…

I am a little wary about bringing this up again, but I have found that it seems to be something that a lot of people are struggling with.  I just feel compelled to go into this a bit further and see if I can help somebody out there break the cycle of self-destruction that comes from us failing to forgive ourselves.

WARNING!!!  The following contains references to Jesus and God.  These are strictly my beliefs and what they have done to help me.  However, the results are still the same and may still be of help to someone who is not a christian or religious at all.  Please, read on…

For me the hardest thing about forgiving myself was me not being willing to accept that I am allowed to be happy. I just couldn’t see how, with all the mistakes I have made in my life, I could be able to help others or be worthy of such people as I have in my life now.  I got to a point where I accepted that even though I could never be worthy of God, He still wanted me to be near Him.  But then I couldn’t get past not being worthy of other humans.  Now, when you roll those words around in your head, they sound RIDICULOUS!!  At least to me…I mean we are all the same, we’re just doing different things in our lives. 

You know, it says in many places in the Bible that Jesus did not come here to save the “saved”, He came to save the “lost”, the “sinners”, the misguided.  He also said that we are not to judge anyone!!  That includes ourselves.  If I spend all my energy judging all my mistakes, how am I honoring Him?  Jesus asked that we spend our lives helping others find God, living as God said we should…2 rules…Love God…Love your neighbor as yourself…if you do just these two things, there are no sins that you could commit that would keep you from God.  Well in order to love our neighbors, we have to first love ourselves.

Ok, let me make a suggestion, find one or more of the following books:

This Present Darkness ~ Frank Peretti
Piercing the Darkness ~ Frank Peretti
Screwtape Letters ~ C.S. Lewis

These books give you a way to see the battles you face on an easier to handle level.  I can’t really explain more about them as it would just take too long to do here.  Just trust that you will not be the same after you read them. 

Back to the main topic, forgiving yourself.  What do you have to gain by NOT forgiving yourself?  More importantly, what do you have to LOSE by it?  Living your life in a self-induced blackness of fear, self-loathing, anger, worthlessness will not do anyone any good.  And it could and will hurt others.  Now most of the time, while we are wrapped up in our own problems we fail to consider how our actions are hurting others.  We just can’t see that because we don’t believe that we could have an impact on anyone else’s life since we are so worthless ourself.  However, that is simply UNTRUE!!  Humans are a social species, that is how we were created, therefore when we seclude ourselves from others, we lose the gift of love and support that we draw from one another that helps us battle the demons that try until the day we die to defeat us.  Now, what good would come from actually forgiving yourself?  Untold treasures would be revealed.  Forgiving yourself will allow you to reach out to others and offer them love and support.  Even if you don’t believe in God, people, you can still reach out to others.  You can still take the time to smile at someone, tell them to have a great day.  You’d be surprised how something as simple as that can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.  Stop judging yourself.  Just live life like there is no tomorrow.  There may not be.  Tell those close to you that you love them, smile at a stranger.  Smile at anyone, INCLUDING YOURSELF!!

Please, just try it.  Say, “I forgive myself all the mistakes of my pasts. I know that I am bound to make more mistakes in the future but the worst would be to continue living in this pit of negativity I have locked myself in any longer.  I believe that I am worthy of happiness and that part of that happiness will come from others.”  Then, send me an email at jena.pullin@jicpoetry.com and let me know how you did. Or post a comment here if you’d like to encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your time and pray for everyone to find the peace in their heart it takes to survive!  God bless!!



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Bad Day?

May your day be better than you could imagine and if not then know that I
am praying for you and that you are important to me, no matter who you are!
Have a blessed day and know that God loves you
BECAUSE of your flaws not INSPITE of them!!

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