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Life’s Journey ~ Day 22 ~ Final day :-(

Well, the end has come…I did not make it the full 30 days.  I started failing pretty fast the last couple of days and my husband was extremely worried that I had gone too far.  So my official tally is 21 1/2 days.  In the bigger picture, that sounds incredible.  Now I just have to get myself past all the self bashing.

I feel like I have let so many people down.  I made such a big deal out of going the full 30 days and so many people have been watching and praying for me.  I found my connection to God about a week ago, so I accomplished the main goal I set out to, I needed to get right with God.  I have found myself praying more, soul-searching and just basically discovering myself in God’s world.  I am grasping onto that now as I battle the demons of failure.  They keep whispering in my head about how I failed.  I let everyone down.  How they knew I couldn’t finish yet another task that I have started.  These are the same demons that tell me that I am unworthy of the success that Mona-Vie will bring me.  That I don’t deserve to have nice things and not worry about my bills.  That I am not good enough to offer help to those less fortunate than me.  These are the voices that up until now I chose to listen to exclusively and allow myself to drown in the darkness they bring.  But no more!

Today I offer myself to the world as a contender.  I will no longer hide in the shadows and wallow in self pity.  I will no longer allow myself to be brought down by anyone or anything.  I have to believe that God has big plans for me and that I have to stand up to the task.

My biggest motivations for succeeding with Mona-Vie are:

1) The phenominal health it has brought to my family.  I would feel extreme guilt if I did not at least attempt to share this with anyone and everyone I know.

2) My nephew.  He is autistic and my sister has lived somewhat of a nightmare trying to get him taken care of in school.  My nephew is a joy and he is not the source of my sister’s struggles.  The trouble is getting him schooled.  I want to be able to fund a safe and long term center for autistic children and adults.

3) I need to prove to myself that I can finish something I start and this is going to be it.  My fast has just proven to me that the Mona-Vie is an extraordinary product.  Without it I would not have made it this far.  People can say whatever they want about the cost, but you are not going to find anything with this kind of nutritional value for any less, especially something that will pay you!!

So, as I end my fast and start moving forward, I pray that I will continue to honor God in all I do and I pray for the best for all of you!!  I invite you to at least consider the benefits and the opportunity that Mona-Vie offers.  What do you have to lose?  Less than $300 investment for your health and the potential to become financially secure.  There is no other opportunity out there that can offer you more.

Thanks for coming by!  God Bless!




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Life’s journey ~ Day 2 ~ April 2, 2009

Click here for –> Day 1 

Day two started off with me being pretty grumpy, mild headache and cramps (which I gave in and took ibuprofen for) and just plain tired.  I truly dislike being a girl sometimes, although my husband always makes me happy that I am!   

Anyway, I think I will do juice through Friday and then water only on Saturday & Sunday.  (Of course I will be drinking the Mona-Vie on water days as well but only the 4oz)  I will be adding some cardio today as well, either walking at work or on the exercise bike at home.  It will be mild, but with the sugar intake from the fruit juice, I need to incorporate some calorie burning exercise so as not to have this whole thing backfire on me and end up gaining weight. 

I have really had to turn to God today for strength!  Not only do I not feel well, but I think all anyone talks about at work is food.  Not to mention that my ‘roommate’ always has some kind of food going on at her desk.  Not helping the hunger pains any.  We just got back from Publix, we went looking for fruit alternatives besides OJ.  My hubby keeps telling me to make fruit smoothies (no milk) but I am concerned about that defeating the purpose of the fast.  Without a juicer, anything we do with fresh fruit is still going to have the fruit fibers in it and that is what takes time to digest.  This is a bit frustrating.  I should have done a bit more pre-planning as far as the juice side goes I am seeing now.  But I will not falter.  Actually, I sure did whine a lot today…”I’m never going to make ittttttt!”  WAIT!!! It’s only been two days!!  Can you stupid little demons at least give me until, say day 7 before you start this crap?!?

Anyway….sorry for the outburst there.  Days 1, 2 & 3 are usually the hardest so I am sure I will be a basket case tomorrow! I’m trying to figure out how I avoid eating at a friend’s wedding tomorrow night. Yeah, this ought to be fun.  “Umm, I know you spent all this money on the food and stuff, but I can’t eat it.”  I know, I’ll make my husband & daughter eat my portion!!  That’ll work!

Ok, I think I am done babbling for tonight!  I’m tired and still have a headache so I’m going to bed!

Thanks for coming by, hope to ‘see’ you tomorrow!! God Bless!


PS: I failed miserably at doing the cardio thing today.  Oh well, tomorrow’s another day!

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Life’s Journey ~ Day 1 – April 1, 2009 ~ revised

The moment of truth has arrived.  Today God & I start my 30 day fast.  I say God & I because I am no fool, I know I will need His strength and love to make it through.  I have committed to spending more time in prayer with Him along with doing the fast.  My husband will also play a huge part on this journey with me.  He has done a lot of research on fasting like this and between him and our friend I am confident that I will be guided and watched over well.  My friend sent me a link to a site that my husband may have already seen but I really enjoyed it.  Freedomyou has great information on fasting and the owner freely speaks about God!!


The fast is going to rotate between juice and water days.  Here is some nutritional information on what I will be drinking mostly on my juice days.


2oz Mona-Vie 30 calories (5 from fat)


Total Fat:        .5g                               Vitamin C:     25%

Sodium:         5g                              Vitamin K:     10%

Potassium:     55mg                        Iron:                2%


MV in 8oz of OJ (+ Calcium) 110 calories (0 from fat)


Sodium:         0mg                            Potassium:     450mg

Protein:           2g                                Carbs:  26 (22 from sugar)


Vitamin C:     13%                             Vitamin D:     25%

Riboflavin:     4%                               Vitamin B6:   6%

Magnesium: 6%                                Calcium:         35%

Thiamin:        10%                             Niacin:           4%

Folic Acid:      15%


I will drink this 3 times a day on the days that I am doing juice only.  On top of that I have to drink approx 170 oz of water daily. 


I have also decided to use this time to begin the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.   I figure it is a good time to do it as I really want to commit myself to this and reading this book one chapter a day for 40 days will help me build a habit of making time every day for scripture and time for God. 


So there you have it.  My journey begins.  Feel free to come along with me and see how it goes.  I’ll take all the prayers I can get along with comments or suggestions.  (Be advised ~ all comments are monitored for content) I plan on updating this site at least once a day maybe twice.  Thank you for stopping by! God Bless!




Update: 10:17 pm ~ Well most of the day was good, until around 4:30…and then I got HUNGRY!!!  I know these first three days are the hardest, but the timing is a little rough.  Let’s just say I need chocolate or some other comfort food at the moment.  But, alas, it is not to be.  I made this commitment…I will succeed.  I am hoping to make a lot of changes over the next month.  I’m hoping that by getting closer to God, I will overcome my fears that constantly hold me back in life.  By spending this month praying, I hope I will hear Him and discover what He wants from me.

Well, that’s it for day 1.  Thanks for coming by! ~ Jena 





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Taking it all in.

On this day, I look around and consider myself truly blessed. I have friends around me who, even though I let them down, did not give up on me. I gave into my demons, listening to the noise they were throwing at me, reminding me that I was not worthy of friends such as I have found. Telling me how wrong of me it was to deceive these people into thinking I was like them. I had no business surrounding myself with such people.

It took a slap in the face (not literally) by my husband to make me look at what I was doing. His words were simple. “I’m used to you hurting me, but how can hurt all these other people who love you?” Wait! What do you mean, I’m hurting someone else? That’s not possible because I am nobody. I figured my absence would pass unnoticed. I was wrong. I turned away from people that God had given to me as friends. But that is what I always do when things start going well. The demons step up their attack and remind that I am not worthy of the good things coming my way. And I give in and give up. I can’t take the noise. I am weak.

But then I am made aware that I am not alone, no matter how hard I try to be. As I told a couple of friends who are so precious to me, “Surely God would not bring these great people into my life and then allow me to continue in the darkness I have lived with for so long.”

So, out of the darkness I step. Shading my eyes because of the brightness of the light shining over me, wondering, still, how I could possibly be worthy of such joy and love but no longer refusing to accept it. No longer will I question God and His reasons for doing what He does. I am not naive enough (any longer) to expect this road that I am taking to be smooth and easy. I harbor no ideas of instant gratification. I know that I am facing a hard fight against demons that have lived comfortably within me for almost 40 years, I have no illusions that they will go quietly. But I know now that God has given me angels to help me along the way. Angels disguised as the women I worship with. Too many to name, I can only pray that I am able to show you my appreciation for your light and love. Don’t get me wrong, there are many guys who are walking this path with me as well, especially helpful in the way they support my husband as faced the brunt of the demons attacks on me. These people are the beacons of light in the darkest nights I face, continually drawing me to my salvation.

So on this day, right here in written word, I challenge my demons to bring their best because I know that it doesn’t begin to touch God’s least. I am ready. In the words of Natalie Grant; “I will stumble, I will fall down, but I will not be moved!”

Thank you to everyone who didn’t give up on me, you know who you are. I will do my best to not fall for my demons again.

Have a blessed day and may God watch over all of yiou!

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I’ve seemed to have lost a friend…

I don’t know where she’s gone. You see, she is a very dear on-line friend and I can’t find her anymore. Oh, I could call her or even email her, but if she has left cyberspace it is probably for a good reason and I do not want to intrude. It breaks my heart as she is such a special person and I know she has been facing a lot of struggles. I just hope she know that I am thinking about her and praying for her and that she can contact me ANYTIME for anything.

You know who you are. You know what I am talking about. Out of respect for you and your family and your peace of mind, I will not do more than this. Know that you are in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers everyday! Take care of you! I’ll be here when you are able to come back.

Should anyone else out there know who I am talking about, do me a favor; don’t try to update me on her status, don’t bring your stories about her to me, don’t give me your opinion on what happened. If she wants me to know, SHE can tell me. She is the only one I want to hear it from. I do not like gossip and will not participate in it and I won’t allow it to degrade my site. With that being said, I hope that is as negative as this site gets.

Thank you for coming by (sorry for the minor drama) and God Bless.

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Now this is truly amazing…

If this isn’t an example of love, trust and respect, I don’t know what is.


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