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Life’s Journey ~ Days 16-19

When I close my eyes and go back over the last 19 days of my life, what I see just amazes me.  I have become even more determined to complete this task because I don’t want to let myself down.  I have invoited many people to walk beside me as support on this path because I knew I would need the accountablility of knowing I wasn’t alone.  Knowing that others are watching truly helps me stay focused for the most part.

During this time, I have found myself more and more trying to figure out just what it is that God wants me to do still don’t have that figured out yet, but I am noticing more and more the things that I like to do that seem to be calling to me.  I have realized that I truly like to teach people, it doesn’t matter what it is, if I know how to do something and someone else needs to know it I just seem to thrive on being able to show them.

Much to my heartache, I’ve also realized that because of my past way of life and the bad decisions I have made along the way, that some people don’t have faith in me or my ideas, especially the people closest to me.  But I have finally decided that I am no longer going to let their lack of faith in me dictate the steps I need to take to change my life.  It is going to change and they can come along for the ride, try to catch up later or just be left behind.  I have been given this great gift that I believe is from God and all I want to do is share it with others.  It’s 100% natural, pure nutrition and has been what has really been sustaining me through this fast.  It has allowed my husband who was suffering horribly in pain from an auto accident to be pain free, sleep through the night and start working out again.  No it is not ‘cheap’ if you only look at the cost, but the benefits (both physically & financially) FAR outweigh that.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I am talking about Mona-Vie.  If you want to know anymore about it let me know, but since this is my fasting post, I wan’t say anything more about it here.  I only brought it up because it has such a significant place in the fast and in the struggles that I am trying to over come by doing the fast.

Days 16-19 were not really anything extraordinary.  Just the same battles to get through all the food that humans (especially Americans) indulge in.  We eat for social reasons, not just for hunger.  Any event or get together usually has food at it’s center, maybe not the main reason but a big one!! The snacking urges, the need of ‘comfort’ food and the need to jut ‘be busy’ all contribute to our food intake.

Now, unlike my friend who is on quest to quit drinking alcohol, food is necessary for survival, but not in the quantities or frequencies that we indulge in.  I have not eaten solid food for 19 days and I am still alive and kicking (ableit not kicking hard).  I’ve heard it said recently that you can live 30 days on water alone, 3 days without water but not 15 minutes without hope. (I paraphrased that so don’t quote it)  In order to get out of bed each day, we need hope that we are going to make it through it.  In order to get married, we need hope that it will last.  In order to believe in Jesus, we need hope that all we’ve read and heard is true.  In order to love, we need hope that it will be returned.  In order to fast, we need hope that we will make it through and that we will find what we are looking for in the fast. 

Now, as I embarked on the last 11 days, I pray that continue to seek God and all His plans for me.  I pray that I will no longer be afraid to face my demons and move forward with my life.  I pray that all you and your loved ones stay safe and sound and that you will be given the gift of appreciation for all that you have.

Thanks for stopping by! God bless!




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Life’s Journey ~ Day 15

Milestone #1 made yesterday!!  I have officially hit the halfway mark on my fast.  From here on out I have less days left to go on the fast than I have gone through, YAY!! 

It has definitely been a learning experience.  I’ve also discovered that I have taken off those negative glass that I wear when I look at myself.  I KNOW I have lost weight because I have clothes that I can wear that I couldn’t before.  But I don’t SEE it.  I still look the same to myself when I look in the mirror.  I start getting frustrated and then I remember that the main goal of this fast is not the weight (it is ONE of the goals but not the MAIN goal), I am trying to find my place in God’s world.  And I know that these feelings of frustration are just the enemy’s way of trying to avert me from my goals.  Which tells me that I must be on the right path.

A friend of mine started a 10 day fast on Monday.  She is now at the stage where she isn’t hungry perse but misses food, which is the biggest problem I have.  We joked because we talked about how frustrating it is to see other people eat and we can’t.  I told her it makes me want to throw things at the “eaters”.  That’s my little inside joke.  There’s me and then there’s the ‘eaters’!  LOL

A comment posted on ‘Days 7-13’ if from a gentleman who is facing his own demons.  He told me I inspired him.  That just amazes me as I have never seen myself as the inspiring type.  I just the person who does so much better in the shadows, behind the scenes, that sort of thing.  One thing I am learning is that I don’t think that is God’s plan for me.  I am getting this deep feeling inside that He is planning on taking me out of my ‘safe’ shadows (although I don’t know how safe they really are) and making me do more things that are totally outside of my comfort zone.  All I can say at this point is: His will be done.  I am His, He makes no mistakes.  We make the mistakes, we try to insert our own plans into what God has planned for us.  That’s what causes us so much strife.  So right here and now, I commit myself, and submit myself to God’s will.  I will quiet the voices in my head that keep telling me how unworthy I am and listen for His word.

Thank you for coming by and please check out Gary’s blog (the link is in one of his comments) and maybe offer him some support to.  It’s always a good motivator to continue if we know people are ‘watching’.  May God bless your days and keep your nights safe.



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Life’s Journey ~ Day 14

Day 14 went by pretty uneventfully, no major changes or epiphanies.  Just a lot of thinking…oh..yeah and one big mistake.

I’ve been feeling a little weak so I’ve added chicken broth to my routine.  Well last night I thought I’d be smart and add an egg to my soup for a little more protein…BIG MISTAKE!!  But I got through it ok and I am back to just liquids for a while.   I don’t need anymore episodes like that!!  :0)

Satruday night we had a great service at our church and one of the things they offered to us was a station where we could write on a rock the thing we wanted Jesus to take from us the most and then put the rock in water and wash it away just like Jesus does for us.  Well, I’m not ashamed to say that the thing I wanted Jesus to take out of my way the most was myself.  I do more damage to myself than any outside influence.  This fast has helped me see that.  I keep trying to make excuses as to why I should just give up.  Stupid excuses.  If it were not for my husband I think I would have caved a while ago.  On that note, let me just say that should you be considering, even a little, doing a fast like this…don’t do it if you do not have someone close by that will support you fully on this journey.  Yes, the main purpose for me is to get closer to God.  But along the way, the world tries to get back in and if you don’t have a support person in place, it will be so much harder.

I am still waiting for more connection with God and as each day goes by, I feel I am getting closer to that.  I find myself asking what is it that God truly wants from me.  How can I use the gifts that He has given me to better build His kingdom?  How can I be sure that the gifts I think I have are the gifts He wants me to focus on?  These are the questions I’m hoping to be closer to an answer to by the end of the month.

So as I begin day 15 and close the first half of my fast, I am looking forward to the second half and what God will reveal to me.  I am looking forward to spending time with my husband as we move forward together in our lifestyle changes and get healthier for our next 20 years together (and as many more as we can be graced with).  I am looking forward to sharing Mona-Vie with whomever will listen so that we can share this great juice with the hopes that so many others will be blessed with the health that it has given us.  I am looking forward to more time with friends and family and building new friendships along the way.  I am looking forward to every day that God gives me and hope that I honor Him in it.

Thank you for stopping by!  God Bless!


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Life’s Journey Days 7-13

Ok, ok!  So I’ve slacked on the journal!  But I haven’t slacked on the fast.  13 days and still going strong.  The remainder of last week went fairly well.  No major issues, no problems or hard struggles.  I say that now, but I know that while I was going through some of the days, I thought I would just cry, well, I DID cry!   It is a really hard struggle to just not eat.  I miss food terribly and with all the food around me, I half defeated myself coming up with of a ton of reasons why I should eat.  And YESTERDAY!!!!  Let me just say that I spent the day outside while we were at my in-laws.  There was just too much food there.  Basically holidays consist of eating until it’s time to eat!

All in all, the going has been a struggle but not impossible.  I have stood in my kitchen and cried on my husband’s shoulder because I just wanted something…anything…and yet I didn’t want to quit.  I have prayed (am praying) daily to make it through.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll make it all 30 days, but I can tell you I am going to go as long as possible to finish what I started.  That’s what this is really about, finding the person inside of me who is not afraid.  Who will make a commitment and stick to it.  Who is ready to give whatever necessary for God.

I will try to stay on top of this journal more, but now I need to email my mom and sister as I didn’t get in touch with them for Easter and I want to say Hi before I go to bed.

Thanks for stopping by, God Bless!

~ Jena ~


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Life’s Journey ~ Day 4 & 5 ~ April 4 & 5, 2009

Yesterday started out pretty good.  I was not hungry AT ALL when I woke up.  I drank my Mona-Vie and then stayed with water for the rest of the day.  Wes and I moved some stuff around (more physicalwork than I do in week!!)

I am finding out that the mornings are fairly easy as I am not usually hungry then.  It is between 3-5 that my hunger pains have started this weekend.   What I am learning the most is how much of our lives revolve around food.  At work it seems that the whole morning is spent figuring out where to go or what to have for lunch.  There are candy dishes and snack stuff EVERYWHERE!!  And as I mentioned Friday, stress really causes you to seek out comfort food.  Then to top things off, being in a Methodist church, there is food all the time everywhere you turn!

Another thing I am learning is how to refocus on God.  I have been doing a lot of praying.  And the enemy has been doing a lot of attacking!!  He is throwing temptation at me with every breath it seems.  But I have found away to slow down time!!!!  Time surely does drag when you can’t eat!  As day 5 SLOWLY draws to a close, I realize that I have a huge task still ahead of me.  25 more days to go! 

I’d like to issue a request. Maybe a challenge even.  Start taking the time to look at the nutrition in the foods you currently eat.  Check out the protein content as well as the fat, sugar/carbs, and calorie content.  Start looking for the healthiest (and let’s say mildly inexpensive) meals you can find…and share them with me.  I have 25 days to spend on creating a new lifestyle.  I am looking for high quality, affordable meals that are not too time consuming or difficult to make.  We enjoy fish, especially salmon, and will be cooking more chicken.  A few red meat choices are ok, but we have to be careful about the quantity.  The more veggies the better!!!  Our current favorite is grilled zucchini.

Once again, please know that your comments are welcomed and appreciated.  It’s always good to know that people are reading and what they think about what they are reading.  Feel free to send this site to anyone who you think might like it!

Thanks for coming and God bless! 

~ Jena ~

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Life’s Journey ~ Day 1 – April 1, 2009 ~ revised

The moment of truth has arrived.  Today God & I start my 30 day fast.  I say God & I because I am no fool, I know I will need His strength and love to make it through.  I have committed to spending more time in prayer with Him along with doing the fast.  My husband will also play a huge part on this journey with me.  He has done a lot of research on fasting like this and between him and our friend I am confident that I will be guided and watched over well.  My friend sent me a link to a site that my husband may have already seen but I really enjoyed it.  Freedomyou has great information on fasting and the owner freely speaks about God!!


The fast is going to rotate between juice and water days.  Here is some nutritional information on what I will be drinking mostly on my juice days.


2oz Mona-Vie 30 calories (5 from fat)


Total Fat:        .5g                               Vitamin C:     25%

Sodium:         5g                              Vitamin K:     10%

Potassium:     55mg                        Iron:                2%


MV in 8oz of OJ (+ Calcium) 110 calories (0 from fat)


Sodium:         0mg                            Potassium:     450mg

Protein:           2g                                Carbs:  26 (22 from sugar)


Vitamin C:     13%                             Vitamin D:     25%

Riboflavin:     4%                               Vitamin B6:   6%

Magnesium: 6%                                Calcium:         35%

Thiamin:        10%                             Niacin:           4%

Folic Acid:      15%


I will drink this 3 times a day on the days that I am doing juice only.  On top of that I have to drink approx 170 oz of water daily. 


I have also decided to use this time to begin the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.   I figure it is a good time to do it as I really want to commit myself to this and reading this book one chapter a day for 40 days will help me build a habit of making time every day for scripture and time for God. 


So there you have it.  My journey begins.  Feel free to come along with me and see how it goes.  I’ll take all the prayers I can get along with comments or suggestions.  (Be advised ~ all comments are monitored for content) I plan on updating this site at least once a day maybe twice.  Thank you for stopping by! God Bless!




Update: 10:17 pm ~ Well most of the day was good, until around 4:30…and then I got HUNGRY!!!  I know these first three days are the hardest, but the timing is a little rough.  Let’s just say I need chocolate or some other comfort food at the moment.  But, alas, it is not to be.  I made this commitment…I will succeed.  I am hoping to make a lot of changes over the next month.  I’m hoping that by getting closer to God, I will overcome my fears that constantly hold me back in life.  By spending this month praying, I hope I will hear Him and discover what He wants from me.

Well, that’s it for day 1.  Thanks for coming by! ~ Jena 





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