Hi!  I’m Jena, although some of you know me as Jypsi.  And, if things are going as well as I hope, some of you don’t know me at all!!  First, let me thank you for coming.  It is an honor to have you here (especially if you do not know me) and I hope that you find the site to you liking and maybe you will share it with your friends. 

Now, let me tell you about myself and my site.  I am what you could call an average person.  I have a husband, two kids (1 boy & 1 girl), and a regular zoo at home.  We are not wealthy in the monetary sense but we are rich beyond our dreams.  We have a roof over our heads, a car (or 2 or 3) to get us around, family members close by to share special days (& even not so special ones), and a spiritual family that just amazes us to know end day in and day out.  I have been blessed, repeatedly.  Everyday I am given is a gift, it may not be an easy day but it is still a gift.  We have our days where we find ourselves falling into a trap of negativity and we have to find ways to set ourselves free.  The difference now as opposed to 3 years ago is that now we have allowed God into our lives to offer us guidance, strength and love during these times of strife and struggle.  I have learned the joy of reaching out to others in need, even when I didn’t have anything to offer but a shoulder to cry on.  My heart cries when I see someone who is hurting, and it becomes important to me to help that person in anyway that I can.  One of those ways is the gift of words that God has so blessed me with.  I love to write, to write poems, short stories, personal notes, long letters and with God’s grace I’d love to someday write a book, or two.  I used to use this gift in a negative tone, my stories and poems used to be very angry or sad.   Now that I have opened my heart and mind to God, I find the words that come to mind are much more, productive for lack of a better description.  Sometimes they are still sad, for instance when I feel called to write in regards to the loss of a loved one, but yet I am told they still promote peace and healing.  That is a true gift from God.  I am only the tool He uses to give the words to people in need.

Well, that’s enough about me, let me tell you about the goals of this site.  I am hoping that this site is a place where anyone can come for some support during rough times.  We don’t have money to offer, but we do have an ear to listen with (or should I say an eye to read with?), we have a shoulder (of sorts) to cry on or we can just simply be here with you in silence, hopefully to give you a place that will allow you to regroup yourselves and continue on your journey.  There will be a page where you can submit your concerns (requests for prayers) and even your joys  (acknowledgements of thanks).  Here our community with gather and pray with you and praise with you.  Because sometimes, the struggles that you face are very personal, you are welcomed to remain ‘annonymous’ after all God knows who you are and what you are going through, we will just simply be adding our prayers to yours.  There will be a page of just a few rules & guidelines that we will follow to allow for the enjoyment and comfort of all who may come here. 

I welcome any comments or requests in regards to this site.  Please feel free to email me at jena.pullin@jicpoetry.com with any concerns, comments, requests and even critique.  I know that it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but I will do my best to make this a welcoming and fun place to come.  Again, let me thank you for your interest in this site.  I’d love to know how you found it and if you’d be comfortable in referring it to others!

 God bless you all!